Bodycam footage of raid in home of man killed by Minnesota cops released [Video]


  • Minneapolis cops shot and killed Dolal Idd during a traffic stop last Wednesday.
  • The following day, his family’s home was raided.
  • A new body cam video showing the raid inside the home was released by authorities.

Dolal Idd, 23, was shot and killed in a police confrontation.  Since the May 25 shooting of George Floyd in Minneapolis, this is the first time that a police-involved death happened.

Minnesota authorities first released police bodycam footage of Idd trying to drive away from police.  When he was cornered by three patrol vehicles, he appeared to be holding a gun when police started firing at him.

The police said that Idd fired at them first.

A gun was later recovered at the scene by the police.

A week later, another police bodycam video was released that showed the raid at the Somalian’s home, a day after he was shot and killed.  It drew the ire of elected officials and community activists for the aggressive way the police carried out the mission.

The police did their “knock and announce” search warrant at the home of Idd at 2am. With weapons drawn they yelled “Police! Search warrant! Let me see your hands!”  

The video shows that police rounded up more than a half-dozen people, including children, women, and a man with his shirt off.

A woman can be heard saying, “We have kids upstairs, we have children. We have a daughter downstairs, a 19-year-old daughter.”

While another woman asks, “Are you guys able to tell us anything of what’s going on?”

To which one cop replied that an officer will explain everything. “He’ll come and talk to you in a second.”

Minnesota state lawmaker Hodan Hassan said, “I don’t see any respect for the family. I don’t see cultural sensitivity. And I don’t see compassion.”

The sheriff’s office said for their part that they released the video to show that the officers behaved properly and humanely.

In a release, the office said, “Based on his viewing of the video, the sheriff praised his deputies for their professionalism and says they acted appropriately, respectfully, and followed HCSO procedure for high-risk warrants.”

The police were not able to recover any weapons in the home during the raid but they had probable cause to believe there were.

Source: New York Post

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