Boston barber gets stabbed with scissors after a freak accident [Video]


  • Silva tripped while cutting a client’s hair, accidentally falling on his scissors and puncturing his chest.
  • The incident that punctured an artery in his heart had to be repaired with open-heart surgery.
  • Silva is now in the ICU and is recovering from the freak accident which would have been life-threatening if the blade pierced a little more to the left.

A barber in Boston almost suffered a life-threatening injury when a freak accident occurred while cutting a client’s hair. Video from a surveillance camera caught the incident last Friday when Steve Silva suddenly tripped and fell on the floor. He put his hands out to catch his fall, and his scissors were over his right ring finger.

The scissors ended up puncturing more than just his chest, but an artery in his heart. Silva only knew how serious the injury was when he saw the faces of those around him. A co-worker and a client rushed to help Silva as he was kneeling on the floor, alternating between pressing paper towels and regular towels to his chest until EMTs arrived. Likely, their quick actions saved his life.

Silva was rushed to open-heart surgery to repair the damage.

He knows he was incredibly lucky to be alive- a little to the left and his heart would have been punctured. Also, he’s glad that the blade in his chest didn’t touch a recent tattoo with the names of two brothers who had passed away. “I actually couldn’t believe it.”

Silva said that if he could survive the chaos of the pandemic that resulted in unemployment, he can certainly survive and heal. He’s optimistic, though he figures the accident will have him dubbed a new nickname, “the Beacon Hill klutz.” He hasn’t lost his sense of humor either, saying that he’ll make one change when he goes back to work- non-slip shoes.

Source: CBS Boston

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