Brendan Fraser nearly missed meet and greet because he couldn’t put his video game down [video]


  • Brendan Fraser was so captivated by his Nintendo Switch that he nearly missed a meet and greet.
  • Video shows Fraser enthralled by his handheld game, blissfully unaware that several expectant pairs of eyes are on him.
  • The video is from a GalaxyCon event that allows fans to interact with their favorite stars.

We’ve all been there.

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t find Brendan Fraser any more endearing, The Mummy star did something totally relatable: he wasn’t able to put his Nintendo Switch down.

YouTuber Scott Lawrence shared a video of Fraser when they were trying to pry his attention from his Switch console subtly.

When waiting for a fan meet and greet over video chat, Fraser was blissfully unaware that eyes were on him while his handheld game enthralled him.

The video comes from a GalaxyCon event where fans can chat with their favorite stars.

Now, the only mystery is, what game was he playing?

Source: Game Informer

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