Online daters say ‘I love you’ before actual meeting


  • In a poll carried out by Vision Direct, almost one-third of British adults believed that love at first sight happens online before the live meet.
  • The survey also showed that online daters average 13 virtual dates before engaging in activities with their partners to keep their virtual relationships going.
  • Relationship psychologist said in a statement to SWNS that internet dating is actually healthy for everyone’s mental and emotional health and serves as a reminder that romance, despite the pandemic, still lives. 

Love at first sight in the virtual world is actually possible.

This is true according to nearly one-third of 2,000 British singles who participated in a recent survey conducted by contact-lens provider Vision Direct. The poll also found that 47 percent of them firmly believed that it’s possible to find love online during the coronavirus pandemic before ever meeting them in person.

Additionally, an average of 13 virtual dates, as estimated by the poll, took place among the respondents before looking for ways to keep the romance alive. Most online dates included movie and TV date nights, doing quizzes together, listening to music, workouts, and even painting.

In a statement to SWNS, relationship psychologist Becky Spelman, who partnered with Vision Direct for the promotional study said dating someone new during the lockdown is actually good for mental and emotional health, and is one of the most positive things to do during these difficult times.

“It is a welcome reminder that romance, attraction and love haven’t gone away just because we’re all stuck at home, and those are all things we need more of.”

Participants also shared their insights as to why digital dating worked for them, listing reasons such as less stress, saving money and time, during virtual dates.

However, there are also downsides to dating online. Regardless of the setting, the top complaint among the respondents is the awkward silences during dates when conversation doesn’t naturally flow.

Seemingly, the Brits have fully embraced the idea of dating online since nearly half of them agreed that the medium would soon replace the live meet. Unlike in the US where last year’s Pew survey showed only 12% or 1 in 10 adults confessed that they met their partner or spouse online. 

Source: New York Post

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