Bubba Wallace tweets ‘Love Wins’ as a response to President Trump’s Talladega hoax accusation


  • Wallace reacts to President Trump’s baseless claim against him about the Talladega noose incident.
  • The NASCAR full-time racer addresses the next generation in his tweet with the trending message “Love Wins.”
  • Last month, NASCAR also pulled down Confederate flags from all its race tracks as a response to the police violence against black Americans. 

On Monday, Bubba Wallace published a statement via Twitter following President Donald Trump’s accusation that the race car driver’s carrying out a Talladega hoax.

The 26-year-old Wallace addressed younger generations his message.

Wallace is the lone full-time Black driver racing in NASCAR, and recently, he has been very vocal against police discrimination following the death of George Floyd in May.

Because of his stance and the noose found in his Talladega garage in June, he has been flooded with conspiracy theories attacks.

Trump was among those who joined the trend against Wallace on Monday morning.  By the afternoon of the same day, the pro driver tweeted with a dominating message that love is winning.

Wallace encouraged younger people in his tweet, saying that they should learn from the tough times, and they should stand ground regardless of the challenges thrown at them. He also emphasized that love should prevail all the time, even if the hate is coming from the head of the state himself.

After posting his message, fellow athlete and NBA superstar LeBron James expressed support to Wallace.

Following the investigation results saying that the noose found in Wallace’s garage stall was not about hate crime, Wallace has been a target of several baseless accusations.

Wallace did not saw the noose in person, and he was only informed about it by NASCAR president Steve Phelps.

Two days after U.S. Attorney’s office and the FBI’s announcement, NASCAR published a picture of the noose and said it was the only rope that resembles such knot at almost 1,700 garage stalls across all 29 of NASCAR tracks.

Wallace has commented on several interviews that he conforms with the conclusions that the noose was not  for him.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany attempted to explain Trump’s remarks, during a  presser on Monday. She said that what the NASCAR pro must emphasize is that the federal investigators already concluded it wasn’t a hate crime.

Reporters also asked McEnany if NASCAR should be praised for removing the Confederate flag from the race tracks. Trump also called out the organization’s response on June 10 after tweeting about Wallace.

McEnany explained that Trump was offended about the notion that many Americans are racist, although NASCAR’s Confederate flag ban action did not imply its fans as being discriminatory.

NASCAR said that removing the Confederate flag at its events is in line with its commitment to giving an inclusive atmosphere for all patrons, its contestants, and the whole industry.

Source: AOL

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