‘Bullied’ teen killed in front of classmates after laying down in front of train


  • In a horrifying incident seen by dozens of students, a boy jumped off a train platform in Chertsey, Surrey and laid down on the tracks as a train came rushing in.
  • Paramedics who rushed to the scene later pronounced the pupil dead on the spot.
  • The boy who was reportedly bullied was a Year 9 pupil at the Salesian Secondary School in Surrey, UK.

A 14-year-old schoolboy was killed after lying down on the tracks right in front of an incoming rush-hour train last Monday. The horrifying incident was witnessed by dozens of fellow classmates who were headed home from school.

Around 4 pm on Monday, as students were on their way home from class, witnesses said that Sam Connor calmly handed over his schoolbag and phone to his friends before jumping off the platform and went to lie down on the train tracks.

The teen, according to those who knew him, was Year 9 student Sam Connor who attended Salesian Secondary School in the town of Surrey.

Police who were called to the scene steered the students from the platform at Chertsey, Surrey, while paramedics attended to the boy. Some of the older students also helped by making sure everyone else who were there were safe. Sadly, the boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

A piece of paper believed to be a suicide note written by Sam was found at the station. Allegedly, he was bullied at the Roman Catholic comprehensive which according to its website, is described as a ‘happy and thriving’ community.

“It’s horrible. I have friends who were there and saw the whole thing,” said one pupil at the school. “They said he was being bullied. I’ve met him in passing and he seemed happy. But I guess you never know what’s going on with someone. It’s just a shock,” added the pupil.

Floral tributes were laid at the station by the town’s residents and parents including one mother whose son goes to Salesian School.

Acknowledging that there are existing issues with bullying, she also said that her son often saw Sam in the playground alone. ‘He never saw him being physically attacked but he knew he was being bullied. It’s just horrific.’

After the tragedy, an emotional letter written by the school’s executive headteacher, James Kibble, was issued to parents.


Source: Daily Mail Online

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