Cadavers stacked in box trucks parked outside Brooklyn funeral home [Video]


  • About 40-60 bodies were found stacked in a funeral home and in box trucks parked outside the facility in New York.
  • The bodies were supposedly going to a crematorium, but no one came to pick them up.
  • The Brooklyn Borough President has said a city “bereavement committee” needs to be organized to deal with the sharp increase of deaths due to the pandemic.

Outside a funeral home in Brooklyn, U-Haul trucks were found to contain dozens of bodies. 

The discovery was made by police on Wednesday after neighbors of the Andrew Cleckley Funeral Services in Flatlands reported a foul odor around the property. Inside the building, more bodies were stacked up on the floor. The cadaver count totaled around 40 to 60 bodies.

Wednesday evening, a section of Utica Avenue, where the facility is located, was closed off as NYPD detectives and other city agencies investigated the unrefrigerated trucks.

An owner of a neighboring property, John DiPietro, said he saw the unrefrigerated trucks being used to store cadavers for a few weeks at least amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Though Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams couldn’t confirm any details on the storage, he said a staff for a city “bereavement committee” needed to be ramped up to deal with the significant number of deaths due to the virus. Treating the dead in an “undignified manner” is “unacceptable.”

A spokesman of the state Department of Health said they are actively looking into the matter. 

The funeral home also had another box truck containing empty caskets and two more refrigerated trucks also storing bodies. They told officers that a crematorium was supposed to take the bodies, but they never picked them up.

A nearby kitchen appliance parts supplier said they “knew what was going on but not the extent.”

“One thing to be [killed] by the coronavirus, another to be treated inhumanly.” 

Source: New York Post

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