Cadbury’s Unity bar mocked for ‘solving racism’


  • In their bid to celebrate India and its citizens on its Independence Day last August 15, Cadbury’s launched their new multicolored and multi-flavored chocolate bar.
  • The confectionery is advertised as having four shades and flavors namely: dark, blended, milk and white, that are ‘united’ in one bar.
  • But aside from social media users comparing the advert with other failed campaigns, many have also denounced Cadbury’s attempt for trivializing racism.

Cadbury’s newly launched ‘Unity bar’ had been ridiculed by many on social media who say it underplays racism.

Cadbury’s new chocolate bar, which comes in four equally divided shades and flavors of dark, blended, milk and white that is ‘united in one bar’,  was introduced during India’s Independence Day on August 15.

The classic slab of chocolate was intended to celebrate India and its people because ‘sweet things happen when we unite’.

However, thousands have slammed the chocolate company for making light of a serious issue.

While columnist Tejal Rao mockingly wrote, ‘Congratulations to Cadbury for solving racism,’ another user named Jonny Sun asked, ‘’why are they all segregated by color then?’ if the confectionary is meant to promote unity?

User Ziwe poked fun at the ‘Unity bar’ with words from Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech: ‘I have a dream that my children will not be judged by the color of their chocolate, but by the content of their creamy filling.’

Another Twitter user compared the advertising campaign to the 2017 Pepsi advert that featured Kendal Jenner handing a can of soda to a police officer during a protest. Pepsi ended up withdrawing the campaign and apologized.

Widespread social segregation continues to exist in India despite the decline of its caste system as well as efforts to promote an equal playing field in employment. Many who have criticized Cadbury’s social media advert were referencing to the ongoing oppression in Kashmir.

Since 1948, one year after the country’s independence from the British Empire, Cadbury’s had been importing chocolates to India where multiple manufacturing operations are now located all over the country.


Source: Daily Mail Online

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