California man shrugs off neighbors’ complaints about giant swastika display in front yard


  • I’m German and I’m offended that this moron put this on his property. Someone should find out what his heritage is and put things up in his face that would offend him.

    • This guy has a right to put what he wants no matter what you bunch of a holes think . Im German too and i think its stupid that you want to talk all this garbage. This is America and its his right to do What he wants with or on his property . You idiots are letting illegals stay here and giving them rights they dont deserve at least the guy is here legally i bet and paying taxes .you should concern yourself about whats going on with all the back taxes those illegals owe and the money and resources they are Taking away from the people who serve our country and our homeless before we allow criminals to stay here . They say that they are escaping theyr country for crimes and stuff . When they are the ones doing it . Wake up morons . Clean house before we let others just move in And cry about us Tearing theyr familys apart think about it if they didnt come Here illegally they would Not be separated and Tore apart . But all our. Resources and tax payers money is supposed to be for our citizens And armed forces and They’re families . And Criminals should Be Dealt with not rewarded. Other races can paint buildings fly flags and say black or Chicano power but you say white power or pride that’s offensive . Leave this guy alone and the Jews Its time to shut up about that crap years ago you run the media and Got your freedom too . And dont Whine about something you had nothing to do with . The guy has a symbol you dont like out in the open . Its just a symbol jackass . Freedom Of speech and all that . Its a right Supposed to be any way!! If you. Are offended look the other way . Didnt your parents teach you that . Lol OH !! Haha

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