California Nuns: how they stood up to the Catholic Church

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  • Nina Serrano didn’t do a very good job in reporting this story. She could have told us how these nuns are living, like where, how they are
    paying their bills, and what schools or colleges they are teaching at. Her article could have been much more personal on these wonderful
    nuns and why some nutcase Archbishop or any other so-called authority of the Church should interfer with the message of love and
    kindness which is Jesus’s most important message to His Church. It has become all to apparent that many of the present Church Hierarchy
    are more interested in SELF rather than the true message and purpose of Christ. The True Lay Catholic Church needs to get rid of these pompous, self grandisement, pridefull and selfish and sinful clergy, regardless of their positions. Christ knows what is truly in Their Hearts, all the while they are leading the innocent multitudes down the road to perdition. Cudos to these wonderful nuns who truly know who their Shepard is and not being blindly led down the ruinous path to hell. Come on Nina, if you are a true Believer, do the job correctly and not be afraid of speaking out to the Luke Warm Catholics who need to really know the truth of what is truly happening in Jesus’s True Church.

  • These people are free to form their own group, but if they are true Catholics, they need to submit to Church doctrine. I am not a Catholic but do not like heresy in any form. They like the covering of the Catholic Church to give them credence, but they are not practicing Catholicism and are being deceitful to the people they “serve.”

    • Great article but need an update after 50 yrs. as another person stated, are they still a group? Where are they living, are they getting new members? Thanks for this article. Mary L. Dwyer

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