California woman detained for posting racist messages at Asian-American households


  • A middle-aged woman in California was placed under arrest for posting notes directed toward Asian-Americans, telling them to leave the country.
  • The woman was arrested and booked at Alameda County jail, released on a $0 bail after being issued with a citation.
  • Police said the woman would be summoned for a court hearing with charges of probable hate crime.

In San Francisco Bay Area, a woman was arrested as the suspect for placing handwritten notes at some houses, directing her messages to Asian Americans, and telling that individuals who were not originally from the United States should leave right away.

In the southern part of Oakland, police officers of the suburb San Leandro said they received calls from the Heron Bay neighborhood on Friday evening reporting about notes with discriminatory messages against minorities posted to five households.

The handwritten message suggested that if those specific residents are born in another country, they should go back there immediately, adding that only Americans should live in the U.S.

In a statement by the police department, they said that a resident provided the officers with photos from his security camera showing a woman taping the messages. The officers then found her shortly within the neighborhood.

The woman, 52-year-old Nancy Arechiga, was found with a backpack having prints of the same notes. She was immediately arrested for posting racist messages that infused anxiety and fear to concerned residents.

Lt. Isaac Benabou of San Leandro Patrol Division said that they respect all the citizen’s right to expression, though not through ways that transgress anyone’s sense of safety and well-being. 

Press Information Officer Lt. Ted Henderson confirmed that  Arechiga was booked to the Alameda County jail and will be subjected to investigation of hate crime violation. Another official said the woman was released and was issued a citation.

During the coronavirus outbreak, California arranged for a bail of $0, covering misdemeanors low-level offenses to curb the spread of the virus on jails.

Arechiga was then advised to attend court hearings on yet an undetermined date since the arrest was on the weekend.

It was also undetermined if the woman already got a counsel, and efforts to contact on the telephone line listed weren’t successful.

Police are now also probing a possibility that Arechiga was also the person behind a similar message found Thursday on the local community. The note, handwritten as well, says that Asians should leave right away.

KGO-TV reported that an Asian-American woman said she and her family were alarmed after seeing a similar note taped on a tree in the locality. She felt discriminated, citing the COVID-19 pandemic was the reason behind racial attacks against the Asian American community in the U.S.

Source: AOL

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