Californian who posted regret on Facebook for attending party died the next day of COVID-19


  • A California man said on Facebook that he regretted attending a party following the state’s slight reopening.
  • One of his asymptomatic friends also attended the party who said to have infected more than a dozen partygoers, including Thomas Macias.
  • Marcias dies a day after posting his guilt through social media.

A man from California had his regrets in getting coronavirus when he attended a party sometime in June. He posted his guilt on Facebook, and only a day later, he passed away.

Last June 20, Thomas Macias, posted an emotional note on Facebook in which he regretted not following social distancing measures, admitting that he went out two weeks before that time, in which the virus infected him.

Macias,  a truck driver by profession, said he was worried that he might have exposed his family to the coronavirus, adding the situation was too painful for him.

The 51-year-old also hoped that he could survive the infection with God’s help.

However, Macias died the following day, and a representative from the Vital Records Riverside County Office confirmed with NBC News on Wednesday that his death was coronavirus related.

Macias’ brother-in-law, Gustavo Lopez,  said on Wednesday that the deceased had followed quarantine protocols from March up to early June, where we only go out if needed. Lopez added that Macias was careful since he has diabetes and is overweight. 

Around the first weeks of June, however, following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement that he would ease up social distancing measures, Lopez said Macias went out on a party at Lake Elsinore 70 miles of Los Angeles’ southeastern portion.

After some time, Macias’ friend, who was also at the same party, told him that he got infected with the COVID-19, Lopez recalls.

The pal allegedly told Macias that he was asymptomatic and thought he wouldn’t infect other people with the bug, adding that the friend warned everyone who was with them to get tested.

Lopez said Macias got dismayed with the situation and took responsibility for his decision, as told on his Facebook page.

Lopez added they were uncertain of how many attended the said party, but noted that Macias was only one out of over a dozen people who got infected with the coronavirus.

Before Macias went out to get tested on June 11, he visited his sister Veronica, Lopez’s wife. He remembered seeing his brother-in-law not in good shape, adding he was unusually sweaty.

His June 16 COVID-19 test came out positive by June 18. On June 20, he announced his diagnosis on his Facebook page and encouraged people to take the disease seriously.

On June 21, he was rushed to the medical hospital and put under a ventilator a few hours later.

At around 9 p.m, Macias was pronounced dead, and he is survived by his mother, sisters, and nieces.

Veronica said Macias was a friendly man, and always greets and smiles at people.

Source: AOL

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