Can you get infected with coronavirus through farts?


  • Farts could carry particles of feces that could serve as a possible way to spread coronavirus.
  • Two doctors from Australia have given their opinions of the theory saying there’s not enough research to form a solid conclusion.
  • Though some COVID-19 patients have gastrointestinal symptoms, farts are “unlikely to be a significant route of transmission.”  

Two doctors from Australia weighed in about the possibility that coronavirus can spread through farts.

On Friday’s episode of Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Coronacast”, the spread of COVID-19 was discussed in association with particles of feces being set adrift in a person’s fart. Dr. Norman, the podcast’s producer and host sounded mildly amused when he suggested, “No bare-bottom farting.”

Swan said that it’s lucky that we usually have a “mask” on for that- pants, dresses, shorts, and underwear. When it comes to social distancing and being safe, he suggested not to fart “close to other people.”

Dr. Andy Tagg, an Australian emergency physician, asked via Twitter, “So, can the bottom-based emissions of someone with coronavirus be silent and deadly?”

Tagg also wondered if flatulence itself could be an “aerosol-generating procedure.”

A recent study suggests that a toilet-plume produced post-flush could be a cause of concern for the spread of coronavirus through “aerosolized feces”. In addition, scientists have also confirmed that the presence of the virus in poop makes fecal-oral transmission an issue.

There’s “not a great deal of research” on hand to form a solid conclusion about the risks of passing COVID-19 through farts, observes Tagg.

Dr. Aaron E. Glatt, a Mount Sinai South Nassau epidemiologist said through an email to The Post that according to studies, a significant percentage of patients with COVID-19 do have “GI [gastrointestinal] symptoms (alone, or in combination with respiratory or other general symptoms)”.

He also said that flatulence would be “unlikely to be a significant route of transmission.”

Source: New York Post

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