Cancer vaccine that eliminates all traces of cancer in mice, ready for humans

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  • If we eradicate cancer in this way, won’t the billion dollar radiation, chemo, etc. businesses go out of business….aren’t the cures for cancer, and most other “diseases” really known, but not made available?

  • I believe there are cancer cures out there that the medical system does NOT want exposed! Just think of the economical impacts that cancer cures will create!! Hospitals closing, drug companies and. A vet doctors going out of business. All those taxes disappearing. The medical cartel has been hiding cures forever! Please write to our President and ask him to make a cancer cure one of his top priorities! He is listening!!

  • The last sentence in area after “what’s being claimed”states:
    “the tumor creates way to defeat the immune cells and sustains growth. “
    Is this is occurring after receiving vaccine ?

  • I agree with the above comments. Dr. Gerson discovered in the early 1900’s that massive amounts of vitamin C (500,000 cc’s and up) given through an IV proved to eradicate all cancer cells permanently. When the medical and big pharma heard about it, he was stripped of medical license and could no longer practice medicine…at least in the US. Look it up the Gerson theory and see for yourself. Or, go to It’s all there.

  • The cure for cancer and violence is vegan.the government can’t do nothing about that? But it’s up to u “will power to change” it saves $$$ and your life and close down the torture slaughter houses. When u go vegan ADHD,PTSD (evil hormone) and so many bad things will go away.vegan make people healthy and do not need flu shots , medicine, doctor and medic insurance.that ads $400,000 in 25 yes for a nice home😄 and fix climate change! Killing. Let’s change to a compassionate world and teach yr children what they put in their mouth.obesity ADHD is a problem with all children.vegan changes things!!;

  • This is exciting. I hope these doctors don’t commit “Arkancide ” by shooting themselves three times in the back of the head like all those depressed Clinton associates.

  • My brother was given some drug to increase his immune system. It did not seem to work and now he not only dying from lung and liver cancer but is being starved to death because everything he eats causes him to vomit plus his intestines are blocked by the cancer in his liver.

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