Cat caught trying to smuggle drugs into Panama prison

Cat caught trying to smuggle drugs into Panama prison


  • A white cat was apprehended by Panama officials outside the Nueva Esperanza jail in Colon.
  • Around the cat’s neck was a pouch that contained white powder and a bunch of other drugs.
  • An official said that the drugs, likely cocaine, crack, and marijuana, were being smuggled into the prison.

Panama officials apprehended a feline drug smuggler on its way to the Nueva Esperanza jail on Friday.

The jail, located in the Caribbean province of Colon, north of the capital Panama City, houses more than 1,700 prisoners.

The fluffy white cat was intercepted by officials who noticed a strange pouch tied to its body. It turns out that the pouch contained an assortment of drugs, and that the cat was being used to smuggle them into the prison.

Andres Gutierrez, head of the Panama Penitentiary System, said, “The animal had a cloth tied around its neck.” Upon inspection, the pouch held several wrapped packages that contained white powder, leaves, and “vegetable matter.” Another official said that the packages likely contained crack, cocaine, and marijuana.

Prisoners have previously used animals as drug smugglers. They lure the animals with food, and once a connection has been made, people from the outside load them with drugs to be smuggled into the prison.

An investigation has been launched by the office of drugs prosecutor of Colon to look into the use of animals in smuggling illegal substances into the Nueva Esperanza Prison.

The office shared the news on Twitter, along with photographs of the feline smuggler and the drugs it was carrying.

Prosecutor Eduardo Rodriguez said that the “Narcocat” is to be taken to a pet adoption center.

Panama’s 23 prisons, most of which are overcrowded, house about 18,000 inmates. Prison authorities have previously foiled drug deliveries that used other animals, such as homing pigeons. On some occasions, they even intercepted drone deliveries.


Source: Daily Mail

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