Your cat may be ruining your dating chances

Your cat may be ruining your dating chances [Video]


  • A new study revealed that straight men who posed with their cat for their dating profile picture had a lower chance of landing a date.
  • The study stated that women viewed men with cats as “less masculine” and “more neurotic.”
  • Dating experts advised men to leave out their cat from their pictures, while netizens argued that cat owners should simply choose fellow cat lovers.

Posing with pets for your dating profile picture may offer some extra points. Posing with a cat, however, may hurt your dating chances.


The Wall Street Journal reported on a new study that says heterosexual males who pose with a cat in their photos were seen as “less masculine when holding the cat, higher in neuroticism, agreeableness, and openness; and less dateable” by over 1,300 women.

The study authors acknowledged the limitations of their study, however. Both men featured in the study are college-aged, white, thin, and described as “clearly preppy” by the WSJ article. To address this, the scientists are planning to widen the scope of their study to include men who represent a more “globalized skin tone.” That way they can see if women are actually turned off by the cat and not the guy himself.

The chief dating expert at, Rachel DeAlto, agreed with the study results. She told the WSJ that straight men who revealed having a cat had a 5 percent lower chance of getting a “like” on their site. Meanwhile, straight and gay men who pose with dogs have a 20 percent higher chance on average for landing a “like.”

Some people joked that the article must have been ghostwritten by a dog or penned by a dog owner, but the author of the WSJ piece replied that she’s actually a cat lover.


While dating experts advised cat owners to leave their cat out of their dating profile picture, netizens pointed out that it makes more sense for cat owners to simply not date those who don’t like cats.

The study, entitled “Not the Cat’s Meow? The Impact of Posing with Cats on Female Perceptions of Male Dateability”, was published in the peer-reviewed journal Animals.


Source: CHRON.

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