Cher Criticizes Bernie Sanders’ Stand on Letting Felons Vote


  • Someone please inform Bernie that the US is founded on being a Constitutional Republic, hence, the wisdom of the Founding Fathers established the Electoral College, ensuring that the Republic would NOT be ruled by the most populace states.

  • Of course, the United States is a republic, not a democracy. Each person votes for representation, not directly on each piece of legislature. Allowing murders, rapists, et al. the right to vote dilutes the power of the electorate. Imagine such felons forming a voting block to favor a candidate offering shortened sentences.

  • I think that there are people who commit heinous crimes should never vote again but they are also people that once they’ve served their time in jail should be allowed to vote again and it shouldn’t be based on their ideology whether they are Democrats or Republicans it should be for all . Some people are not going to vote anyway they don’t believe in the system.

  • Most states have a process you go through to get your right to vote restored once you’ve COMPLETED YOUR SENTENCE. No one incarcerated should get to vote, sorry Bern.

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