Chicago officials ordered a man to stop offering a warm place to homeless people

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  • Our country has lost its mind. I have nothing good to say about it anymore. I can say that there are still very good people here, willing to help others locally. But I find few in the government for, of and by the people, not nearly enough working for the good of all, for the end of war, for seriously behind changes to avert climate change (and no, stratospheric aerosol spraying, aka chemtrails) doesn’t count as it is just spewing toxic metals and chemicals into the air which we all get to breathe. As Robert Kennedy, Jr so aptly put it, “Americans are the most well-entertained, least informed people in the world.” Just look at our obnoxious lists of programs on TV. Two, which are good (independent journalism (Democracy Now) and documentaries (Link) are not even listed on the “cheaper” cable packages we are offered. We are purposely fed half truths, propaganda, and outright lies on MSM. Most seem satisfied with that and believe the garbage. Sad.

  • We need to support and defend humanity like this Good Samaritan, Greg Schiller. This man’s act of kindness is a testament that he follows appropriateness! His deed should give Chicago and all places in the world an inspiration to do the same thing! If more people practice kindness to his fellow beings, our world will become a better place to live in!

  • I think these people are lucky to have him. I still some CM detectors and get a petition going. It is better than them trying to sleep on the streets and freeIng to death. I bet some of these homeless people will help you fix up the basement. No matter Better to die in a basement that to freeze to deTh on the streets! Sometimes the city jus needs to stay out of peoples business.

  • Under the circumstances Chicago should have been thrilled that somebody was altruistic enough to welcome, feed, and provide a comfortable bed to sleep in for homeless who would have been sleeping in the cold with less than warm clothing and sleeping bags. Often clothing and well used sleeping bags do not provide the warmth people need during these freezing and below freezing nights! So Chicago would rather people die under the harsh reality of sleeping outside than thanking someone for taking them in! Bah Humbug Chicago PD!

  • Let Ms. Molly Center stay out in the bitter cold in Chicago, with a homeless person for three nights, taking away her credit/debit cards and all cash. If she still says Schiller is wrong fire her immediately and all the rest who forced her to take this stand. And by the way God instructs us to help those in need.

  • The government overreach is absurd to say the least. There’s not one crime being committed by this man. Statutes and code are not law. And they have no right to do this. I hope he sues the public officials on there bonds as he is providing a service better than the city can, apparently. There’s apparently a broad interpretation of what the “law” is and they’ve gone beyond where they’re allowed to. No victim, no crime. Warrant was baseless in it’s intent as they took a man to court on a fictitious entity name(all caps) and the “court” contracted with him under threat, coercion and duress. Never accept there offer and to bring forward the bond on you so the matter may be resolved appropriately.

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