Chick-fil-A’s first UK branch is set to close at end of 6-month lease


  • This article is absolute BS. It is so far out of date and character with the way Chick Fil A supports groups and communities today it is laughable, at best. Get your facts straight, interview someone who knows and then report the real story. Closed on Sundays so their employees can enjoy their family/time off and still their sales numbers are far and ahead of others. Who KNEW you could be so far out of touch today? DON’T CHANGE YOUR NAME TO WHO NEWS? Ridiculous and no substance at all. I’m through with this NEWS??? site.

  • I resent the wording and tone of this anti- Chik-Fil-A story. Journalism, unless otherwise noted, is supposed to be objective allowing the READERS to make up their own minds, and not be “steered” by the writer’s opinion.
    When did the media decide to be amateur policy makers?
    I make up my OWN mind! ! !

  • Total BS Chick filet is by far the absolute best fast food company out there! Employees are treated and paid above average and they are expected to show up clean and presentable with good attitudes and offer good service — so much better than McDonald’s who now hires people who make your flesh crawl and take away your appetite!

  • Your article is so biased. You don’t mention how Chic-Fil-A provided food and drink to The Pulse Tragedy patrons that were given blood the next few days after the tragedy. It’s always one sided when it has to do with conservatives. Chic-Fil-A is a first class business and is accommodating to everyone.

  • Every Company should be able to stand up for what they believe. Thats what made America such a great country. The world is in a crisis right now. Oh by the way, lets define the word “Crisis”. a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. I believe that we can all believe this to be true. This world in general is a great place of individuality. It doesn’t work because we want everyone to conform to our i·de·ol·o·gy. It never worked in a marriage and it will never work in a One World Government that wants to control your thinking, your beliefs, and so forth. Go figure out what this means?

  • No, what is happening is people are seeing these “activists” for what they are: demagogues and hypocrites who got used to abusing the system and now are trying to keep that power they enjoyed under the previous POTUS. This is all TDS and the like, and the real truth is they cannot handle that “franchise” businesses that pander to them, such as Burger King, cannot get away with using their ideology to sell inferior products.

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