Chinese Government Questioned on Coronavirus Reporting Following the Excessive Number of Urns Delivered in Wuhan


  • The number of urns delivered in Wuhan far exceeds the number of dead from the global pandemic, raising questions on the reported numbers by the Chinese government.
  • Five thousand urns have been delivered to one funeral home in Wuhan in the last two days.
  • Funeral home workers say that they do not know or that they were not permitted to disclose the number of urns that will be delivered in the coming days.

Photos that show deliveries of urns to funeral homes in Wuhan began circulating on social media and Chinese media outlets as families start to collect the cremated ashes of coronavirus victims that have died this week.

The Chinese have reported 3299 dead from the global pandemic, most of these recorded fatalities are in Wuhan province, the epicenter of the global pandemic. The Caixin media outlet reports that one funeral home has 5,000 urns delivered in two shipments over the last two days.

There is, however, no available data on the number of urns filled.

When asked how many urns will be collected in the coming days, funeral home workers declined to answer, either by saying that they were not sure about the number or they were not permitted to disclose it.

The pictures have surfaced on the internet following reports from the United States and Italy that their coronavirus cases are more than China.

The Chinese government suggests that the country has beaten the global pandemic earlier in the month by moving to lift the lockdown order in Wuhan after the two-month period.

President Trump tweeted on Friday his congratulations to Chinese President Xi Jinping, hoping that the two countries will share information to better the understanding of the virus that now devastates the United States.

“China has been through much & has developed a strong understanding of the Virus. We are working closely together. Much respect!” Trump wrote.

Source: New York Post

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