Chris Matthews Abruptly Quits MSNBC as Criticism Intensifies [Video]


  • Veteran political commentator Chris Matthews says goodbye to “Hardball,” a cable show he’s been hosting since the 90s.
  • MSNBC apparently asked Mattews to quit amidst the mounting criticism against him of late.
  • Steve Kornacki filled in for Matthews in the remainder of the show as the 74-year-old host left after making the announcement.

Veteran political talk show host Chris Matthews is quitting MSNBC, to take effect right away, after his involvement lately in a series of controversies, on and off his cable program.

On Monday night, Matthews announced his retirement during his talk show “Hardball,” the cable news program that made him a figure in news and politics for more than a decade.

Subsequently, the host also said that it would be the final broadcast, noting that his interest in politics remains, a clear hint that the move was not entirely Chris’ decision.

A person who apparently has an understanding of the situation commented that the management asked Matthews to leave. The source described the retirement announcement was just to camouflage Matthews’ firing.

Meanwhile, another source claimed the decision was mutual between Matthews and MSNBC management.

Matthews, during the airing of his ‘Hardball’ show, said that that would be his last after meeting with MSNBC.

The 74-year-old political anchor also mentioned the allegations made against him about inappropriate conduct that persisted for years, which came up again last Friday as GQ columnist Laura Bassett alleged that in 2016 when Matthews guested her in the show, the latter made sexist comments. 

Although Matthews did not make a reference to Bassett on Monday, the context of the message he said during the show pertained to fair and better standards in the workplace, which includes the manner how people talk to each other.

Matthews then apologized for the comments he made in the past, which may have been sexist for some.

Bassett made her response to Matthews’ retirement announcement via Twitter, saying that it’s about time.

Matthews ended his message by thanking the audiences and producers then qued for commercial. When the cable show resumed, Steve Kornacki assumed the hosting duties and filled in until the end of the show.

MSNBC has not announced Matthews’ replacement to the show.

It would not be easy to fill the gap Matthews will be leaving for the show, which started in the middle of the 90s.

Lately, however, Matthews has been receiving criticisms with his remarks against Bernie Sanders’ campaign, comparing it to the Nazis,  for confusion over an African-American politician, and the for the alleged sexist remarks to Bassett.

According to some sources, Matthews was expected to step down after the 2020 election. This, however, was apparently decided earlier amidst the recent issues.

Source: CNN

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