Chris Pratt receives backlash for sporting controversial T-shirt


  • I want to announce that the color “black” has officially been labeled as “racist.” From now on, the term is required to be “light-challenged.” Anyone who fails to use the new color designation will be termed “un-woke.” You have been warned.

    In other news, illegal aliens are to be officially referred to as “pre-documented.”

  • Chris, just be yourself, honey. There are plenty out there who would love to tear you down. There are also many more who will love you and support you. You are a marvelous and talented actor with much to give and even more to share. Just relax and enjoy this wonderful gift you have been given. Trust me, you are worth it! You have already made your mark, so, the only thing left to do is become a mentor and pay it forward. Grandma Lindy.

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