Christian school expelled 8-year-old over girl-to-girl crush


  • Eight-year-old Chloe was expelled from her Christian school after telling her classmate that she had a crush on her.
  • Rejoice Christian Schools is one of the largest faith-based schools in Tulsa, upholding strict moral values.
  • According to Shelton, this has created hurt and confusion to Chloe, questioning if God still loves her.

An eight-year old schoolgirl in Oklahoma was expelled from a Christian school after boldly professing that she has a crush on her.

Delanie Shelton, the girl’s mother, was devastated by the likely prejudice, confusing her daughter, Chloe. “My daughter was crying, saying, ‘Does God still love me?’”

Rejoice Christian Schools was founded in 1992 and is one of the largest faith-based schools in the greater Tulsa area.

It is known to uphold strict moral values, which includes prohibiting boyfriend-girlfriend relationships.

According to Shelton, the school’s vice principal sat Chloe down to discuss Biblical teachings on marriage, such that “a man can only marry and have children with a man.”

Chloe’s response shocked and appalled the administrators when she said that it’s okay for girls to like girls.

With its strict ethical and moral standards that are built around the teachings of the Bible, Rejoice Christian Schools made a decision to expel Chloe, solely on this basis, which made Shelton very, very upset.

Shelton said that she raises her children to love and never judge others.

“They ripped my kids out of the only school they’ve ever really known away from their teachers and friends they’ve had over the past four years over something my daughter probably doesn’t know or fully understand,” she said.

Rejoice Christian Schools mission statement says that they “exist for the purpose of partnering with parents in training students in Bible-based Christian principles and in the establishment of a high-quality academic foundation.”

Citing a Bible verse found in Deuteronomy 6:5-7 as its philosophical ground, the school argued that the parents are responsible for their children’s education and sense of morality.

The school, however, has to speak out yet about the issue.

Source: New York Post

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