Christmas Massacre: 2 Women, 3 Girls Found Dead [Video]


  • The Pope County police found 5 people dead in an Arkansas home on Christmas day which they believe to be a ‘murder-suicide.’
  • The victims, aged between eight and 50 years old, are said to be a woman, her daughter and grandchildren.
  • The suspect is believed to be among the dead, according to the Pope County Sheriff.

Three children and two adult women, ranging in age from 8 to 50 years, were found dead in an Arkansas home on Christmas Day. They died in a shocking suspected “murder-suicide,” according to the Pope County Sheriff.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up by their family and friends to help with funeral costs.

“On Christmas Day, we received unimaginable news. Five of our precious relatives were found deceased in their home. A grandmother, mother, and three children, all taken from us,” Melissa Renee Brown, who set up the GoFundMe campaign, wrote.

Brown said that surviving members of the family have no additional details to share but that police are investigating the deaths as murder.

“We can’t fathom the pain or the cost of laying five of us to rest at once. We are devastated!” Brown added, also saying that one of the young girls has a separate paternal family who needs “closure, and prayer and help through this too.”

“We need the community to pray for peace, guidance, wisdom, truth, and justice,” the GoFundMe article says.

The Pope County Sheriff’s Office believes the suspect is among those found dead at the Heflin/Patrick home.

Deputies responded to a home near the town of Atkins on Christmas eve when a surviving family member visited to find them dead, cops said in press conference.

“We believe this to be an isolated incident between family members within the home,” Pope County Sheriff Shane Jones said at a press briefing. “It’s too early too tell, but we believe some of them are gunshot victims.”

Officials said it is still undetermined how long the victims had been dead before they were found and a motive has not been known.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, cops were called to the home at around 5.14pm.

“Upon arrival, we did notice that there were potentially five victims within this residence,” a spokesperson from the Pope County Sheriff’s Office said at the press conference.

Source: The Sun

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