Worshippers in Kentucky Resisted COVID-19 Lockdown, Met With Nails in Road


  • A church in the United States had defied the coronavirus lockdown to hold a service for Easter Sunday.
  • The church members were met with heavy warnings from the police such as forcing the attendees to undergo a 14-day quarantine; the roads were even nailed to prevent them from proceeding with the service.
  • Kentucky’s governor said that though he will protect the community, he is not going to padlock doors or arrest pastors.

Maryville Baptist Church in Kentucky, held a near-full house Easter Sunday service, defying the state order to avoid in-person services, lockdown, and social distancing due to the greater risk of being infected by the novel coronavirus.

The church members were met with heavy warnings from the police who arrived at the church, that their car plates will be recorded so they will be forced to go into a 14-day quarantine.

Because of this threat, the worshippers including their pastor, Rev. Jack Roberts covered their plates. So officers recorded their VIN numbers, instead.

The Courier Journal shared photos of the “piles of nails” that blocked each entrance, but it was not known as to who left them. The church volunteers eventually cleared the nails just in time for the others to arrive at the church.

Kentucky State Police decided to leave large signs on all the cars that were left in the church lot, accusing them of “CREATING SCENES OF AN EMERGENCY.”

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The police told the Courier Journal that Maryville Baptist Church is the only church in the state to ignore the order to avoid in-person services.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear stated before that he will not “padlock doors or arrest pastors”, but will protect the community.

“To our knowledge, 99.89% of all churches and all synagogues and all mosques in Kentucky have chosen to do the right thing,” the governor said on Saturday, saying he was “just doing my best to save lives.”

Source: New York Post

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