Cigar-shaped UFO spotted again in Calfornia [Video]


  • A viral video showed two ‘cigar-shaped’ UFOs flying around the southern California skies on December 23.
  • The footage gained mixed reactions from viewers as they shared their opinions about the event.
  • It was not the first time that the ‘cigar-shaped’ UFO appeared in California.

In a video captured before Christmas eve which became viral, two ‘cigar-shaped’ UFOs were seen flying above the southern California skies in the US.

From the high ground, the blazing lights in the sky were taken above the Orange County urban.

Uploaded on Youtube by LUFOs on December 24, the video immediately went viral as netizens shared their reactions to the event.

A stoked ET believer commented:  “Oh man… What a way to start the day. Merry Christmas Lufos guy!”

One subscriber poked fun at the video, saying that it could be Santa’s Christmas trip as he roamed the world.

“Full of treats for all the good…Humans..” it wrote.

Some people, however, were doubtful about the veracity of the footage.

“No video phones near the sight though?” wrote one viewer.

“20 million phones out there… Just a zoomed-in image single image of light. I want aliens but come on let’s not pretend.”

Another speculated whether the lights from the alleged UFOs were a mere reflection of the documenter’s light bulbs at its residence.

“Florescent light(s) behind person filming! Look at the 3-5 shadows of each light…as if looking out a window with lights behind you!” said a user named Deb Emler.

In recent months, it was the most recent UFO sighting in the US. It was unclear how the visibly cigar-shaped lighting appeared in the sky.

The object was also believed to appeared over California last May, and also from the start of 2020, where witnesses saw them flying above the state mountains in Los Angeles. In 2019, one UFO expert said that snake-like “crafts” that were observed in the US were “extraterrestrial” in character.

The event, which gained over 5,000 views, was captured by an observer on December 23.

Source: Daily Star

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