Coca-Cola releasing its first paper bottle prototype [Video]


  • To eliminate plastic from its packaging, Coca-Cola is set to release its paper bottle prototypes in the market.
  • This prototype still has a thin plastic lining inside, though the company’s goal is to make a 100% recyclable paper bottle in the future.
  • Coca-Cola’s paper bottle prototype was made by Danish company Paboco.

Coca-Cola aims to one day remove the use of plastic entirely from the packaging of its products. The company is moving forward with this effort, setting the release of 2,000 paper bottle prototypes this year to test the design’s effectiveness.

Paboco, a Danish company, made the prototype. Though it has a paper shell, the bottle still has a thin plastic liner that holds the soda inside. This interior part of the packaging can be recycled in most parts of Europe, claims Coca-Cola.

Ultimately, the company’s goal is to create and use a paper bottle that is made of a plant-based interior and also a paper lid. In a press release, Stijn Franssen, packaging innovation manager of Coca-Cola Europe, said that their vision is a bottle that “can be recycled like any other type of paper.” In other words- 100% recyclability.

Still, the paper bottle should also be able to maintain the pressure for a carbonated beverage. Another challenge this paper innovation faces is to have a strong exterior that won’t flake, which could be a potential health hazard for consumers.

Business development manager at Paboco, Michael Michelsen, said the project is still in the initial development stages. The company will also incorporate its fruit drink Adez in its trials. This paper bottle trial is set to hit the Hungarian market later this year.

Other companies are also making efforts to eliminate the use of plastic in their packaging. One of these is Absolut Vodka. They plan to begin the second trial phase of their own paper bottle prototype in spring 2021 in the UK and Sweden.

Source: CTV News

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