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Cockroach Crashes the Met Gala [Video]



In a Nutshell:

  • A cockroach gatecrashed the 2023 Met Gala, scurrying across the red carpet and evading a photographer’s attempt to squash it, stealing the spotlight from celebrities in attendance.
  • Twitter users and media outlets couldn’t resist buzzing about the insect’s unexpected appearance, with many joking about its fashion choices and comparing it to famous attendees.
  • Sadly, the Met Gala cockroach’s moment of fame was short-lived as it was eventually stepped on, but it will be remembered as an unforgettable and unexpected star of the event.

Roll out the red carpet — or should we say, the bug spray? The 2023 Met Gala was crawling with celebrities, but it was one uninvited, six-legged guest that stole the spotlight.

The star-studded event was well underway when a cockroach decided to strut its stuff down the red carpet, scurrying across the floor like it owned the place. While Jared Leto and Doja Cat were turning heads with their feline-inspired attire, this little critter certainly wasn’t kitten around.

“Only in New York. An uninvited guest showed up on the #MetGala carpet. It was a … cockroach,” the Associated Press reported, as a photographer desperately attempted to squash the gatecrasher.

But this resilient roach refused to be snuffed out, evading the shoe like a scene straight out of an action movie.

“Worst first attempt in history,” one user said of the failed stomping attempt.

Talk about a bug’s life! This roach had the tenacity of a New Yorker and the fashion sense of Karl Lagerfeld, whose work was honored at this year’s event. The Twitterverse couldn’t resist buzzing about the unexpected attendee.


“Kanye went all out this year,” another joked, referring to the artist formerly known as Kanye West.

The inevitable question arose: “Who was it wearing?”

People magazine caught a different angle of the tiny trespasser, captioning the video, “Roach Roacherson has arrived!”

Twitter users couldn’t help but critique the roach’s style, with one suggesting, “I feel like he could have complemented his antennas a little better and maybe neutral colors?”

Another user chimed in, “Ms. Roach definitely arrived in style and pizazz. Show some respect for the effort.”

Clearly, this roach was the talk of the town, proving that in New York City, even the insects are fashion-forward.


Sadly, the Met Gala cockroach’s brush with fame was short-lived. Variety reported, “It is with deep sadness that we must report the #MetGala cockroach was stepped on.”

A moment of silence, please, for our fallen fashionista.

We may never know who this brave bug was wearing, but one thing is for sure: it left an impression on the Met Gala that won’t soon be forgotten. Rest in peace, Roach Roacherson. You’ll always be remembered as the unexpected star of the show.


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