Colin Kaepernick’s name removed from Black History Month resolution


  • America continues to show just how racist it really is. It can no longer be hidden or masked as it has been for hundreds of years. This hatred festered and grew into the disease that has spread far and wide across this great country of ours. America is like the family that welcomes you over with a smile, offer you food and drink that is laced with poison, hoping you die slow and painfully. It’s so amazing the amount of hatred that fills the hearts of so many(white) Americans. I ask WHY?

    • What a crock of crap. I noticed that “racism” became a burning topic after Obama was elected. He (and the Democraps) did their best to make this the most popular reason (along with Homophobic) for smearing opponents who disagree with them on any issue. Like many issues brought up by them, the charge doesn’t have to be true – it just has to be repeated – and the loyal kool-aid followers, like you, chime right in. What Trump and every REAL American object about Kaepernick is his disrespect of our Flag and the sacrifices that so many Americans have made for this great country. The very sacrifices for freedom that allow him to make an ass of himself on the football field.

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