Constipated Girl Has More Than 100 Bubble Tea Balls Stuck In Her Abdomen


  • A patient got severe constipation due to excessive consumption of bubble tea pearls that got stuck inside her bowels.
  • This is not the first time it happened. It has been reported before and according to rumors, boba pearls were made of tires and old shoes.
  • Doctors want to raise awareness of how tricky for the body tapioca pearls are to digest.

Doctors in China are revealing the news of how a patient got more than 100 bubble tea balls stuck in her body.

Today, you will learn saddening facts about the world’s most unconventional yet most loved drink made with tea, milk and boba balls of tapioca.

According to an Asia One report, this incident started last month when a 14-year-old girl from Zhejiang, province of China, had a stomach ache. After five days of suffering from abdominal pain, she was brought to the hospital on May 28.

The girl underwent a CT scan which showed more than 100 little balls in her abdomen. The doctors asked her what she had eaten and she insisted on having only one cup of bubble tea five days prior to the incident. Doctor Zhang Louzhen suspected otherwise.

She must have had a big cup to swallow more than 100 boba balls. He believed that the girl is hiding the truth of having too much boba balls in fear of being punished by her parents. What she suffers from is a severe case of constipation that would require swallowing tons of bubble tea over a long period of time to get this bad. The doctors prescribed laxatives to help her get rid of the boba balls.

Metro News reported that another doctor wanted to raise awareness about the fact that boba pearls are hard for the body to digest. These are made of starch and other shops add thickeners and preservatives which cause further digestion issues.

This is not actually the first time it happened. “Bubble tea” and “CT scan” have been heard on the same sentence even before. Vice reported that in 2015, rumors spread that tires and old shoes were what bubble tea pearls were made of.

In the end, bubble tea is still a delightful drink best served with ice and laxative afterwards.


Source: Yahoo News

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