Controversial School Assignment Pressures Students To Choose Who ‘Deserves’ More To Live


  • What one would look for in potential passengers of the space ship are people who are young, healthy, intelligent, evenly divided male and female and who may possess special skills. Also, one must choose those who are compatible with one another. Most of the people on this list have problems which would guarantee disaster.

  • Bizarre lessons! Schools are supposed to teach academics not their own personal belief systems. It’s not their job to teach their form of tolerance and diversity, though they can support and enforce it for everyone as law even though some may or may not agree to which whom it involves. Everyone deserves to be treated respectfully. I disapprove with schools and teachers teaching their personal morals and values without any regard for their individual family values. G-d hopefully loves everyone and is the only ultimate judge of who would be left behind (not from this ridiculous list of choices).

  • I think the general selection program tests kids minds, and tests their values. Though picking from these 12 people leaves a lot to be desired. I’d look for 6-8 others with different characteristics, more acceptable to me and my background. And I’m an 82 year old male.

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