‘Cookie Monster’ rock found in Brazil could be worth more than $10,000


  • A viral video shows a rock’s rough exterior being opened revealing a Cookie Monster look-alike agate inside.
  • A crystal and mineral collector posted the video of the reveal with “C is for Cookie” music playing in the background.
  • It caught the attention of social media and even Cookie Monster himself.

When California gem collector Mike Bowers posted a video of a Cookie Monster look-alike agate last January 16, it took Facebook and the whole of social media by storm!

It went viral that even the original Cookie Monster cannot help but react! “Me no geologist, but me think dat rock look a lot like me,” he wrote on Twitter.

The viral video shows a stone being cut in half, and as the dead ringer for the well-loved Sesame Street character is revealed, Cookie Monster’s signature song “C is for Cookie” plays in the background.

The rock’s white and rough exterior does not give a clue to the shiny and smooth agate mineral with Cookie Monster’s blue face inside. That is why the video captured everyone’s attention!

The uncanny rock was originally found in Soledade, Brazil last November.  Gemologist Lucas Fassari called Bowers to say that he needed to see the rock.

The rock is the newest addition to Bower’s Facebook page showing his unique collection of crystals and minerals.

Bowers has already been offered more than $10,000 for Cookie Monster but there’s no chance he’s letting it get out of his cookie jar.

Bowers said they are keeping the stone at this point.  “It will most likely end up in a museum or high-end collection or (with) a very special person, but for the time being we are enjoying it.”

“C is for Cookie that’s good enough for me.”

Source: NBC News

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