Wealthy Couple Creates ‘Designer Grandson’ from Dead Son’s Sperm

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  • There is something really wrong here. Death is death. It is the end of that person (here on Earth) and is the end of any future children too. Some people just can’t let go. There are plenty of ready-made children in foster care who would love to have a family. Also, the son, obviously, had no say in ‘fathering’ this child.

  • I think it was a beautiful think for the parents to go this far to have their dead son’s child conceived and to have the family history keep going. People condemn abortion but when someone goes the opposite they don’t like that either. It’s time people live their lives and stop sticking their nose into their neighbors business. This was giving life and people should keep their noses out of other peoples life playing Nazi police. That is how Jesus was murdered. Trolls with their idea of what life should be and how to live it because they don’t know how to have a life their to busy wanting to live yours and tell you how. The are your typica ljealous people with no life at all.

    • Wow! I think this is an EXCELLENT scientific discovery! How many parents & grandparents would welcome this to secure their own “blood line”? We must all get used to these kind of discoveries, because as we go further into the future, MORE scientific discoveries will be made. It’s a better solution than “abortion”!

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