Couple went through unimaginable hell after fertility clinic switched their embryos


  • A California couple accused CHA Fertility Center of messing up their embryos, thereby resulting in another woman being impregnated with their son.
  • Due to the mix-up, the couple-Anni and Ashot Manukyan- said they were robbed of experiencing the first moments of their son’s birth.
  • One of their embryos were wrongfully given to an Asian couple in New York who gave birth to two boys who are not Asian by descent.

A couple from Glendale, California missed the precious first moments of their son’s life after a Los Angeles fertility clinic mixed up their embryos and impregnating another woman.

On Wednesday, Anni and Ashot Manukyan together with their lawyer accused the CHA Fertility Center and its staff for wrongfully giving a New York couple at least one of their embryos. Anni Manukyan said herself that she knows that at least one of those embryos was not hers because she was unsuccessfully impregnated twice.

After the New York couple who are Korean-American by descent and were expecting to give birth to two girls gave birth to two boys instead who were not by descent, Asians, that was when the Manukyans realized that they had a son. It remains unknown who the parents of the second boy are.

“I wasn’t there for his birth, I did not carry him, I did not feel him kick inside of me, I didn’t do the skin to skin, I didn’t breastfeed him,”  said Anni Manukyan. Speaking to NBC News, she added that all of those moments were taken from her because this company screwed up.

Relating their experience, Anni Manukyan said that two weeks after their son was born, the chief operating officer of the clinic called them in mid-April for a DNA test saying that it was for a quality control test. However, they were told the next day about the mix-up, with a psychologist present in the room.

“As soon as I heard that, I felt my heart beat outside my body,” related Anni on Wednesday.

For a month, the Manukyans suffered a grueling custody battle for their son and have now filed a lawsuit for emotional and punitive damages against CHA Fertility.

Ashot Manukyan who said CHA put his family through “living hell,” said he cannot just sit quietly while his family, as well as others’, continue to suffer through the cruel actions of CHA.

Nevertheless, the Manukyans have expressed their gratitude to the woman who carried and cared for their son during the first few weeks of his life despite knowing he was not hers. At the same time, they said that this should never happen again to another family.

Meanwhile, the Korean-American living in New York filed a federal lawsuit last week in New York’s eastern district against the CHA facility. The suit alleged that after spending over $100,000 to bear children at the clinic, embryos belonging to two other couples who were also treated there were used by the doctors.

CHA Fertility Clinic has not yet responded to NBC News request for further information.


Source: NBC News

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