Dad Plans for His Family’s Life After His Death


  • Jeff McKnight, a father of one, made plans to help support his wife and daughter after his passing due to lymphoma.
  • He launched a GoFundMe page just days before he passed, which has now raised over $400,000.
  • McKnight’s planning included contacting institutions to find a job for his wife.

Jeff McKnight was a molecular biologist at the University of Oregon. Nearing the end of his battle with lymphoma, he launched a GoFundMe campaign early in October to raise funds to support his wife Laura and Katherine, their 8-year-old daughter.

McKnight’s “biggest fear” was that when he died, his family would not have enough resources. He explained on the fundraiser’s page that his wife, who had been “nothing but a hero during this time”, was going to lose both his and her income, as she works as the manager of the research lab they both shared. Insurance would not cover much because it was “tiny” and they had “nearly nonexistent” savings. “Please consider supporting her through my absence.”

McKnight also shared the fundraiser on his Twitter account. The GoFundMe page has managed to raise over $400,000, surprising his family with his devotion to making sure they would have support after his death. According to the University of Oregon, just days after he launched the GoFundMe page, McKnight died on October 4.

Laura told TODAY that she didn’t even know about the page until seeing it on Twitter. Aside from the money the page raised, McKnight had also reached out to other scientists about the possibility of his wife working at other institutions.

Laura said she was amazed at the extent McKnight had tried to make plans for her and their daughter. She also said that she will be “forever grateful” for the generosity of people that helped give her husband “peace of mind in his last days.”

Source: People

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