Dad-to-be killed when gender-reveal device he was building explodes


  • An expectant father was killed in an explosion during preparations for a gender-reveal party.
  • Christopher Pekny, 28, died when a device he was building for the event exploded.
  • Deaths and injuries related to gender-reveal parties have occasionally been reported over the years.

Gender reveal parties have grown in popularity, especially in recent years. They’re supposedly joyful events for expectant parents.

However, over the weekend, preparations for one such party turned fatal. New York State Police confirmed details of the incident, saying officers responded to reports of an explosion on Sunday at around noon. Christopher Pekny, a 28-year-old father-to-be, died when a device he was putting together for his child’s gender-reveal party exploded.

Michael Pekny, Christopher’s younger brother, was at the scene during the incident and was taken to Garnet Health Medical Center where he was treated for a leg injury.

Though the device “was not being built or made for malicious purposes,” the cause for the explosion is still unclear. An investigation is underway by the New York State Police and the New York State Police Bomb Disposal Unit, according to the New York State Police website.

This isn’t the first time somebody died because of a gender reveal party mishap. Injuries have also been reported related to these events.

Just earlier this month, a 26-year-old man from Michigan also died during a baby shower when a small cannon device blew up.

In Iowa, 2019, a woman died when debris from a gender-reveal party explosion killed her. In another event the same year, Texas, a plane that was supposed to drop pink water for a gender-reveal party crashed and injured a passenger.

One of the biggest gender-reveal mishaps happened in 2018 in Tucson, Arizona, when a man shot at a target containing an explosive substance. This resulted in a ravaging fire that caused over $8million in damages.

Source: TODAY

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