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Dashcam Captures Small Bear’s Midnight Romp Through New Mexico Walmart Parking Lot [Video]



In a Nutshell:

  • A small bear, likely a black bear, was recorded on a dashcam as it ran through a Walmart parking lot in Farmington, New Mexico.
  • The bear was not captured by New Mexico Game and Fish personnel, and recent sightings were reported near Farmington Fire Station 2.
  • Residents are advised to stay calm during a black bear encounter, slowly back away, and report any sightings to authorities. In case of an attack, they are encouraged to fight back aggressively.

In an unusual early morning encounter, a small bear was recorded by a dashcam darting around a Walmart parking lot in Farmington, New Mexico.

The incident, which occurred on May 21, was posted to the Farmington Police Department’s Facebook page after receiving a call from a “concerned citizen.”

The video shows the bear sprinting through the deserted parking lot, closely trailed by a car with a recording dashcam.

As the adventurous creature dashed up a grassy incline, it disappeared from the camera’s view.

“Eyewitnesses observed the bear running in the direction of Best Western and McDonald’s before traversing across the street and making its way into the mall parking lot,” the Farmington Police Department’s caption revealed.

The bear in question was likely a black bear, which are much more common in the area compared to grizzlies, which are seldom seen as far south as New Mexico.


The New Mexico Game and Fish Department estimates that the state is home to around 6,000 black bears.

These bears primarily feed on foraged berries, fruits, nuts, insects, fish, and smaller mammals, but can be enticed by the aroma of human food, particularly when left in accessible trash.

Given the bear’s size in the video, significantly smaller than a typical adult black bear, it’s possible that the creature was a cub or an adolescent.

Black bear mothers usually give birth to cubs during the winter hibernation period, emerging with their offspring in spring.

Despite attempts by New Mexico Game and Fish personnel, the young bear managed to evade capture.

The Farmington Police Department issued a warning following the most recent sighting near Farmington Fire Station 2, advising locals to exercise caution and report any further sightings to the appropriate authorities.

Although black bears typically avoid human interaction, they can become dangerous if they feel threatened.

The New Mexico Game and Fish Department recommends anyone encountering a black bear to stay calm and slowly back away rather than running.


They advise fighting back aggressively if an attack occurs.

With bear populations in the area, city and town residents are urged to store food securely and lock car doors and garbage bins to avoid attracting bears.

“Law enforcement agencies and wildlife officials are working diligently to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of the community,” the Farmington Police Department added.


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