Delta Passenger Tried to Open a Plane Door Mid-Flight to Commit Suicide


  • While a plane started descending to land, a woman attempted to end her life by trying to pry open the emergency door forcing the pilot to report an emergency to air traffic control.
  • The mentally disturbed woman who is reportedly in her 20s was screaming her head off while trying to force the door open saying she wanted to commit suicide.
  • Fellow passengers including the woman’s father were able to pull her away from the door and take her back to her seat.

As a Delta pilot was landing a plane at LaGuardia Airport on Friday, he was forced to announce an emergency because of a passenger who attempted to pull open the plane’s door whilst airborne.

The fracas on Flight 5935 which started at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina was caught on live air traffic control audio.

According to the audio obtained by NBC New York, the pilot was heard saying, “We just had a mentally disturbed passenger tried to open the forward door. But everything is under control now. We’re going to be taxiing to the gate.”

Initially, air traffic control was alerted by the pilot who said, “Would like to declare an emergency. The forward service door has been opened.”

Sources told The Post that while the plane was starting to descend, the passenger, a 20-year-old female tried to open the emergency door saying that she wanted to commit suicide.

The sources added that the other passengers managed to restrain her and prevent her from prying the door open.

FlightAware reported that the plane safely landed at 1:35 p.m.

Reportedly, the woman was detained and brought to Lenox Hill Hospital for an examination. Thankfully, no one was injured during the incident.

Tweeting about the terrifying ordeal, Stacy Herbert, a fellow passenger on board wrote: A young woman in perhaps her early twenties became suicidal and tried to open the door of plane as we descended into LGA.  As her father was pulling her from the door, she was screaming her head off that she needed to open the door and die.”

Photos that showed police on the tarmac around the plane and passengers giving their statements to authorities were also posted by Herbert.

Herbert continued saying that despite knowing that the door could not be opened, the woman’s screams were very alarming, and it was awful to witness her ‘suicidal distress’.

A spokesperson from Republic Airways which operated the flight acknowledged the incident and only said that “flight landed uneventfully and proceeded to its gate.”

Source: New York Post

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