Denny Hamlin Wins as Ryan Newman Flips and Concludes the Series of Crashes in Daytona 500 [Video]


  • Denny Hamlin won Daytona 500, his second straight, after Ryan Newman’s car flipped over toward the last lap.
  • Newman’s vehicle swerved out of control after Rudy Blaney’s push to the finish line lead.
  • Daytona 500 has concluded with a huge crash involving 18 cars earlier on the race.

Denny Hamlin, on Monday, was able to defend his Daytona 500 championship after a sudden turn of events transpired on the finishing overtime lap.

Just a few minutes earlier, toward the finish line, Hamlin was just trailing behind Ryan Newman when an unexpected crash flipped Newman’s vehicle upside down. His car was seen skidding,  leaving some sparks and fire at the car’s back section before it finally rested toward the race track’s lower groove.

Newman was severely hit by another car as his vehicle flipped. 

Before the crash, Rudy Blaney was giving Newman’s car a push as they’re closing to the finish line. Newman swiveled into the wall before the car went upside down.

The racing crew took some minutes to pull out Newman from the wrecked car, and he was immediately brought to the nearest hospital. Update on the race car driver’s condition was not available as of this time.

Hamlin emerged victorious over Blaney toward the race line’s finish.

In the victory lane, few moments after the official results were announced, Hamlin said that they’d be praying for Ryan, first and foremost. 

Blaney, during an interview after the race, said that their bumpers were hooking wrong that could have caused Newman to lose control of his car. Blaney,  who was pushing Newman for the lead, also wished that his fellow Ford driver will be alright.

Newman’s crash was only one of many accidents that happened on the final lap’s moments. 

With only less than 20 laps to go, an earlier crash eliminated 18 cars off the race. The seemingly series of car smashing started close to the circuit’s front when Logano drafted behind Aric Almirola for a bump onward to Brad Keselowski. The push brought Keselowski into the wall, while Almirola’s car spins out of control into the front side of the race track.

Another driver who was taken off the race because of car wreckage is Jimmy Johnson, a seven-time Cup champion. This could be Johnson’s last Daytona 500 appearance following his announcement of retirement from the cup.

Meanwhile, with only eight laps to go, Reed Sorenson’s No. 27 car has also crashed, which resulted in another caution to temporarily halt the race.  Another earlier crash happened involving several cars with only two laps before finishing, ending that session with a  red flag.

Source: AOL

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