Dentist successfully makes prosthetic foot for rescued koala


  • Triumph, an orphaned rescued koala, was missing a foot when rescuers found him.
  • His helper, Marley Christian, tried searching for someone to make a prosthetic for him, but was told it hadn’t been and couldn’t be done.
  • A dental prosthetist volunteered to try and managed to make an artificial limb for the koala.

When Triumph the koala was found by rescuers, he was lying next to his dying mother. As if losing his parent wasn’t enough tragedy, they also noticed that the marsupial had a birth defect. The koala was missing a foot.

Triumph’s helper, Marley Christian from Friends of the Koala, did her best to care for him. Triumph looked to feel some discomfort whenever he attempted to put weight on his footless limb. Christian made use of dolls’ socks to cover the stump and it seemed to clear at least some of the koala’s discomfort.

She felt she could do more. According to ABC Australia, she began scouring the internet for pet prosthetists that could craft an artificial limb for Triumph. A prosthetic for a koala was something new and unique. Christian was told that it “had not been done” and “could not be done.”

Though Christian eventually managed to find an American animal prosthetics company, however, even after a year of trial and error, they couldn’t design a prosthetic that could stay attached comfortably on Triumph’s limb.

Christian mentioned Triumph’s trouble in passing to a dental prosthetist based in her local area in Lismore, New South Wales. He suggested he could make his own attempt at the koala’s prosthetic since he had already made casts of a variety of different dentures.

Jon Doulman took casts of Triumph’s stump and soon came up with a rubber boot that was secured with Velcro. Christian said that the prosthetic gave the koala his freedom of movement and even helped correct the dangerous development of a curvature in his spine.

Source: Good News Network

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