Dessert Served In Shoe At Netanyahu’s Home Offended Japanese Prime Minister


  • Celebrity chef Segev Moshe was reportedly out of line last week when he served dessert in a shoe to visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie, at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem.
  • Pralines were served in a metal artwork shaped like a shoe, displaying poor etiquette for guests whose home culture keeps footwear not just off the table but outside the front door.
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu and wife Sara hosted the dinner at their residence in Jerusalem during the Japanese leader’s official visit to Israel.

The celebrity chef, who occasionally cooks for the Netanyahus when entertaining visiting dignitaries, concluded his gourmet spread by serving chocolate pralines in two pairs of men’s black brogues.

The Hebrew-language Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper was told by a Japanese diplomat that “There is no culture in the world where you put shoes on a table. What exactly did the illustrious chef Segev think to himself. We can’t understand what he was trying to say here. If it is humor then we don’t think it is funny. I can tell you we were offended on behalf of our prime minister.”

The newspaper was also told by a senior Israel diplomat, who had served in Japan, that the unusual choice of tableware was “a dumb and insensitive decision.”

The diplomat added, “There is nothing more despicable in Japanese culture than a shoe. Not only do they not enter their homes in shoes, you won’t find any shoes in their bureaus. Even the prime minister, ministers, and members of parliament, host in their bureaus without shoes. This is a failure and a diplomatic mockery. A disrespect of the highest order. It is like giving a Jewish guest chocolate inside a vessel in the shape of a pig.”

A source close to Segev, however, explained to the newspaper that the dessert was not served in a real shoe but in metal sculptures designed by Tom Dixon.

It was also noted by the source that both prime ministers and their wives enjoyed the meal, with Prime Minister Abe even inviting Segev to cook in Japan.

Source: Times Of Israel

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