Detroit Nurse Who Was Twice Refused A COVID-19 Test, Found Dead Of The Virus [Video]


  • A Detroit nurse who was refused by the hospital to be tested for the coronavirus was found dead in her home in Michigan.
  • She was convinced she had contracted the virus while treating a patient without a surgical mask.
  • The nurse died only a couple of days before her birthday.

A Detroit nurse working at Henry Ford Hospital for 20 years was convinced she was infected with the novel coronavirus while treating a patient without wearing a surgical mask.

In late March, she asked the hospital for her to be tested but was denied because she was not showing severe symptoms; she only experienced a loss of sense of smell and taste by that time.

She was eventually tested which came in positive, but only after showing severe symptoms of the virus, including a persistently high fever and a cough. A few days later, she was found dead and alone in her Dearborn, Michigan home.

The body of Lisa Ewald who was 53 years old, was found on Wednesday by a friend, inside her living room. It was days before her 54th birthday.

Ewald who had asthma, was described by her family and friends as a happy and optimistic person. In spite of her asthma, her family said she was still ready to risk her life to help other people.

In an interview with WXYZ-TV, her niece, Candace Ewald, said, “she dedicated her life to obviously healthcare and helping other people, but also to my grandmother.”

One of Ewald’s friends, Joseph Lenard also said: “We all knew the initial news that this was going to hit the US but she gave no care or concern for herself but only care and concern for others.”

The President and CEO of the Henry Ford Health System, Wright Lassiter III issued a statement on Friday saying, “there are not (sic) adequate words to describe how saddened we are. Our hearts ache for our employee’s family, friends, and colleagues.”

He added that “as health care providers on the front lines of this pandemic, we know we are not immune to its traumatic effects. We continue to fight with every resource we have to protect our employees and provide the safest care to our patients.”

The CEO ended his statement with, “because of patient privacy obligations, we cannot share additional information.”j

Source: Daily Mail UK

9 thoughts on “Detroit Nurse Who Was Twice Refused A COVID-19 Test, Found Dead Of The Virus [Video]

  1. Our health professionals should always be tested immediately if requested. Who ever refused to test this health care worker should no longer be employed by the Ford Hospital, in fact she should be brought up on charges of negligent homicide.

  2. Throw the CEO in jail for murder. Let the hospital try to talk their way out of the charge.

    In democrat states all over the country the governors are telling the hospitals to not issue protective gear to employees and this ceo knows it. So he can either spill the beans or rot in prison.

    At valley medical center in Renton washington the hospital is threatening to fire nurses or doctors wearing masks. Several doctors and nurses have gotten the covid from the hospital.

    The democrats are working to make this pandemic worse and it has been planned since later February.

    But you idoits you just go ahead and vote for these murderous democrats. You loved the Democrat KKK. You love antifa. You love covid deaths.

    That is the kind of people democrat voters are.

    1. Lily….it seems the covid is affecting your brain when you start being political about this nurses death….I’ve been a Democrat for over 50 years and dam sure don’t have anything to do with the KKK or Antifa….you are a crazy person and apparently a Republican….

      You started out very sensible…that hospital CEO and whoever was responsible for refusing this nurses request for testing should be brought up on charges…she should be alive and working to aid others…..

      The rest of you rant is just that…a rant….

      1. Your so right,Lily

        Marlene is the perfect example of TDS as is her governor. I’m so sorry you have to live in a state run by idiots. Ordinarily, the only damages they do to you in give you high taxes, spend your money on patronage and do nothing for the African Americans in their localities ( that is why you will see a much larger percent of African Americans die in Detroit of COVID19 than the white population). The governor just doesn’t care. She initially banned the use of hydroxychloroquine, either because President Trump mentioned it and anything the President says is immediately criticized by Democrats, even if everyone knows what he is saying is true. Another possible reason for banning hydroxychloroquine and far more sinister, is that she wants the death rate in your state to rise so she can blame the President. Either way, she demonstrates that she is a classical disturbed idiot.
        However,your state has reached the heights of incompetency in her not ordering all hospitals to test their staff for the virus.
        The CEO of Ford Mr Lassiter III must be a kindred spirit of your governor and also the perfect exampleof THE PETER PRINCIPLE. How could the idiot refuse to test his own staff?
        In addition, all he could say he was saddened by the death of Nurse Ewald and would fight to protect his health workers. How trite. He will be much sadder when he and his hospital will be sued by Ms Ewald’s family which,in the very least,will result in his removal and ,at best,a large settlement for the Ewald family and an indictment for him.
        If both the governor and Lassiter III were doing their job, Ms Ewald would be alive today. Ms Ewald should have been tested when she requested and after refusing to test her twice, should have been hospitalized when she was tested after having full blown symptoms,as well as being an asthmatic.
        I will pray for you and Marlene. Don’t be angry about her, she into not ,at this time, able to help herself.
        In turn, I ask you to pray for me as I live in NY, a state rampant with patronage and incompetence. We have a governor who in 2015 rejected a recommendation to add the purchase of 15,000 ventilators, and wasted the money on failed projects with companies that went bankrupt
        ( MORE INCOMPETENCE), but one with damaging results.
        His incompetency in not preparing for this pandemic, which is the states responsibility, resulted in NY having to be bailed out by President Trump By giving him a 1000 bed hospital ship, had the army corps of engineers build tent hospitals in NYC , provided thousands of ventilators, hundres of thousands of protective items for medical staff, all because Governor Cuomo and the Democratically controlled state legislature weren’t prepared. Also, in NY the African American population will have the highest percentage of deaths fromCOVID19 compared to the white population. Whose fault is this? The answer is obvious. The blame must be shared equally by our stand up comic governor and our sanctuary city mayor DeBlasio, a mayor who can’t even use his real name. He, too, as with many democratically controlled cities,eg Chicago, or as I call it, Dodge City, because of the high number of daily shootings and murders, care little for the African American community as is demonstrated by the health care he provides for them. That is why their COVID19 death rate has a much higher rate than the white population. One of these days African Americans are going to realize, hopefully sooner than later, and this problem will be resolved through the election process. Hopefully, the same thing will happen in your state
        Finally,I wonder how many criminal illegals are in Detroit. Mayor Duggin, a white democratic mayor in a predominantly black city is responsible for caring for all his constituents, both white and black. It seems that he is doing a good job with the former, but not with the latter. Hopefully this population will realize what is happening and will go to the ballot box to correct this problem
        Keep the faith. This too will pass

      2. Maybe it’s a rant but about the KKK & antifa there is no question about the party of origin—Democrats!

  3. The story is a bait and switch she was tested after her symptoms got more pronounced but to me that’s not the story in my opinion the story is if you’re a medical professional and you request to be tested you should be tested right away that’s like a soldier on the front line asking for an extra clip or grenade these are the soldiers on the front lines of this pandemic and they should be given every tool in our arsenal. But since she was pretty sure she had the virus I’m not sure if testing would have saved her life or not. that’s the thing with this virus to healthy two people catching it one gets a little sniffle and the other one dies and they don’t know exactly why

  4. This is FAKE NEWS!!!!
    Whenever you treat or come in contact with a patient who trsts positive with COVID-19 …
    The nurses and doctors are tested by the hospital with or without symptoms. Its a 5 minute test between patients.
    Its mandatory here in the US.
    Not her call or the doctors call for the simple reason not to infect others.
    So this story thats being told here …is total BS.

  5. I am so happy to see that many others are not blinded by the media’s deception. They act like we are to stupid to see through it. The ones that don’t want to see it don’t have enough common sense to wipe there own butts.

  6. This is not right. This woman should have not been working with COVID 19 patients. She is already a high risk person because of her asthma. No Common Sense. The hospital should not be letting nurses with underlining health issues to take care of patient like that.

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