'Devious' TikTok challenge wreaks havoc on school bathrooms [video]

‘Devious’ TikTok challenge wreaks havoc on school bathrooms [video]


  • The recent TikTok challenge “dangerous licks” or the “bathroom challenge” has students vandalizing their school bathrooms by stealing anything they can get their hands on.
  • Videos show students swiping everything from hand dryers to bathroom stall doors.
  • Some schools had to close their bathrooms as a result of extreme vandalism.

Students are swiping property from their school bathrooms as part of an odd new TikTok trend known as the “bathroom challenge” or “devious lick challenge.” Videos show students stealing everything from hand dryers to stall doors.

One Florida high school closed most of its bathrooms as a result of the trend’s popularity.

Sadly, they weren’t the only school that shut some restrooms down. Kansas’ Olathe North High School principal reportedly shut some down because of missing toilet seats and stall doors.

“It’s a trend on TikTok, they like, steal things from the school,” said Jack Brumley, a freshman at Gulf Coast High School. 

However, the fad hasn’t dazzled all high school students.

“I just think that it’s a little bit ridiculous,” said Raegan Heffelfinger, a senior at Gulf Coast High. “When you have to go all the way around to a different bathroom, it just makes it a little bit harder on you.”

Meanwhile, students at a Georgia high school are stealing everything that’s not bolted down.

“Kids are taking projectors, doors, just everything from their schools,” said Riverwood High School student Max Orston. “Someone tried to unbolt a urinal from the bathroom.”

In light of the trend’s popularity, TikTok says it’s removing content related to the challenge. The company cited violations of the community guidelines, which expressly prohibit promoting criminal activities.

Source: New York Post

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