Discrimination Still Rampant in Uber, Lyft Ride Services

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  • Notice that the article does not bother to tell us why this discrimination is happening. Could it be the neighborhoods that these drivers do not feel safe in? Could it be the neighborhood AND the ghetto sounding names of the caller/rider that double the uncomfortability factor? You know what, it is what it is. Behavior patterns among inner city folks has many unintended consequences. Nothing racist about our own human instinct warning us of an unsafe situation.

    • It’s simple—and I have been saying this for some time now (and not just me, but others have also caught on)!
      You see, the human race is part of experiments being conducted by superior beings (and I won’t say “aliens” because people merely laugh when that subject is brought up!), for whatever reason/s!
      But we humans think we are in control, but it is we who are BEING controlled!!
      All this racial stuff, political stuff, territorial stuff, religious stuff, language, culture, etc, etc, it’s just part of the experiments designed to keep us antagonistic towards one another, which will ultimately lead to our destruction OR a reduction in our population–as two possible reasons!
      Just stop and take a look around at the world situations, all the stupid stuff going on, and ask yourself: “Aren’t we humans more intelligent than this?”
      And YES, we are! None of us, who do not have mental problems, are unintelligent! Any of us can be taught just about anything.
      And that, my dear friends leads me to believe with almost complete certainty that we are being controlled, tricked, coerced, or as stated, merely part of experiment/s being conducted by superior beings!
      WE, my dear friends, are NOT the “puppet masters”, WE humans are the “puppets!”!

    • My Dear Kathleen Loux, GHETTO sounding names?? Really?? I think all people have ethic names; stemming from their origin, European, Asian, Latin, African, etc. And by the way, many African American names are also taken from the Bible. Research the Scriptures. Especially the Old Testament.

  • Well, the answer is clear….have some black people call for rides that aren’t in ghetto areas….I once worked for Uber, in Philly, and there was never any complaints of this shit….but I never was paged to pick up a black person in a known ghetto type area either…..so let’s see if a name like “Locrecia Jones” on a city’s “east side” throws up a red flag

  • Can any Uber, Lyft or Taxi company say they made sure their workers are working in a safe environment while working. Every boss is suppose to make sure their workers are safe. There has been an over abundance of robberies and murder happening in bad areas all the time. Is it right that someone losses their father or mother or child from taking on these jobs that are not safe because we have criminals out there that don’t know how to behave. Yes these criminals who rob and murder drivers are basically from a certain ethnic background and it would be nice if someone from their same background told them why are you doing this instead of telling the rest of the world we are being racist. We don’t teach and cheer on our kids to steal they do and that is the problem.

  • I have seen studies that have concluded that black people aren’t very good tippers. Uber and lyft drivers are not very well compensated by the companies so if they think that they are going to work for low pay then I’m sure there are fewer drivers who would be willing to pick up someone whom they think will not pay as much. The cultural attitude of “get over on whitey” has it’s consequences. This probably isn’t racial discrimination per se, but monetary discrimination.

  • I am an AA and I probably wouldn’t pick up a call from a terrible neighborhood for two reasons. They don’t tip and I might get robbed. They would just so happen to be AA. Sorry I’m not sorry.

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