Doctor urges women to use tampons instead of ‘reusable’ sea sponges during their periods


  • New medical advice is directed to women who may be enticed to buy ‘reusable’ sea sponges that sell at £30 ($39) for use during their periods instead of tampons.
  • Despite promotions of the improvised sanitary product that swore to provide ‘bleeding folks a gentle alternative’, a doctor released a warning that said sponges cause more bacteria to grow in the vaginas.
  • Additionally, not only are they life forms, but sponges are also related to toxic shock syndrome.

Unbelievable as it is, but the list has just got longer for the “inadvisable foreign objects women are inserting into their vaginas”.

Following health warnings about putting garlic in your genital regions, another medical advice of a similar nature has emerged.

This time, it is targeted at women who might be convinced to use a sea sponge as a make-do sanitary product rather than tampons.

After someone tweeted a link to Holy Sponges “Ritual Menstruation Kit” that costs £30, Dr. Jen Gunter who has vigorously campaigned to stop women from doing ridiculous things such as this, issued a warning.

“Anyone who tells you to put a sea sponge in your vagina wants you to grow more bacteria that cause toxic shock syndrome.”

She added saying not only is the idea horrible, promoting sponges for periods is unlawful in the US.

Although several of Dr. Gunter’s followers reasoned out that the porn industry favor sponges instead of tampons, no one was able to convince the doctor that using these was a good idea.

In its advertisements, Otherwild, the brand name behind the kits, promises that sea sponges “offer bleedin’ folks a gentle, nurturing and intuitive alternative to bleached cotton tampons.” Because they are reusable, they claimed that sponges are a better choice for the environment.

“Our bodies are made up of water and sponges once lived in the ocean waters, why wouldn’t you use these spongy allies on your moon cycle?!” according to Otherwild.

Dr. Gunter pointed out two things to consider when using sponges as an alternative for menstruation.

First, sponges are living organisms. And second, sponges are among the ingredients used in the Rely tampon which was associated with toxic shock syndrome in the 1980s.

Despite the Holy Sponges owner Janeen Singer gushing about how her life changed from using sponges, Dr. Gunter who remained adamant with her advice said, “What we know about sea sponges for menstrual use tells us they are not safe!”


Source: Mirror Online

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