Doctors record world’s first case of triphallia (triple penis) [Video]


  • Last year, doctors discovered that a baby from Iraq was born with three penises.
  • It was the first recorded case of triphallia, while diphallia or (double penis), typically happens on every five to six million births.
  • Each child with more than one penis is a unique case, per health experts.

Doctors discovered that the baby, who was born in Duhok, Iraq has three penises. Initially, the child registered no signs of extra penises, as published in a case study in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

Three months after his birth, the boy’s parents observed that there were additional bits of skin beside his scrotum. His guardians also noticed that his penis area was swelling.

Upon thorough examination, medical professionals confirmed that extra layers of skin were penises, with a size of about 2 cm in length and another with 1 cm.

In the report, the two additional penises were removed and the baby recovered well after a year. It was the world’s first confirmed case of triphallia, or having a triple penis.

The condition was alien to humans not until this incident. Diphalia, or double penis, registered very rare cases since the 1600s, the International Business Times claimed. The study said the cases of diphallia happen in every five to six million births.

The report claimed that every baby boy having more than one penis is a unique case and would require a specific treatment approach. With this, developing a standard way of treating such condition is elusive.

A baby who would have more than one penis should be given treatment as early as possible to avoid further complications.

Some reported cases of diphallia, though, are less serious and not that complicated to cure.

“Patients with supernumerary penises have unique [presentations] and no cases are identical,” study authors Shakir Saleem Jabali and Ayad Ahmad Mohammed concluded in the report.

Source: Insider

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