Doctors warn against ‘dangerous’ trend of women removing their own IUDs


  • Medical professionals issued a warning against a TikTok trend in which women remove their own contraceptive IUDs.
  • Videos on the platform amassed millions of views.
  • Doctors say there are a lot of factors that can go awry in the removal process, and it should be done by a professional in a sterile environment.

Medical professionals warn against a TikTok trend that sees women pull out their own IUD contraceptive devices to save money.

Videos of the controversial removals amassed millions of views on the social media platform.

An intrauterine device (IUD) is an OB-GYN-recommended contraceptive that releases copper into the cervix to prevent impregnation. IUD removal can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000 and is typically not covered by medical insurance.

However, doctors say that this is one procedure that isn’t appropriate for DIY.

“It is better to do it in a controlled environment,” Dr. Gloria Bachmann, an OB-GYN and the director of the Women’s Health Institute at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, said. “When we take it out in the office, everything is visualized as you are doing it more or less blindly (at home).”

Bachmann added that the process has the potential for complications, which doctors are more suited to handle.

“If it’s embedded in the muscle layer of the uterus, which can happen, it can cause a lot more bleeding, a lot more pain, and it can actually bring the uterus down with it, which is not something that one would want,” Bachmann said.

“If you’re using too much force, that might mean something is wrong, like the IUD might be stuck,” Dr. Anar Yukhayev said. “When you pull it, you can actually lodge it in a different part of the uterus and make the embedding of the IUD even worse. That’s one of the issues I can think about why it’s not a good idea, or it’s risky, actually dangerous.”

Source: New York Post

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