Drew Brees’ response to Trump: “it’s not about the flag, the real issues are racial prejudice, police brutality”


  • New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees apologizes about his comments over some NFL players kneeling while the anthem is on as a protest against police brutality.
  • Trump lambasts Brees’ move, saying that he should not have apologized, noting the American flag must be respected at all times.
  • Brees tells Trump that the issue was never about the flag, but rather about the injustices and discriminations experienced by the black communities. 

Following Drew Brees apologizing for his remark earlier this week about not agreeing with players kneeling during the national anthem as a way to object versus police violence, he faces criticism anew from the U.S president himself, Donald Trump.

Brees responded by saying through his Instagram post that Trump should learn and heed the call against discrimination and inequality.


During a Wednesday interview with Yahoo Finance, the New Orleans Saints quarterback has reportedly said that he does not support anyone who disrespects the U.S flag or any country, citing NFL players who kneel down while the national anthem is on as a way to protest police cruelty.

Brees then also said that the anthem was a symbol of American grandfathers’ sacrifices as militaries during the second world war, adding that putting the hand over the heart shows respect to the flag and unity.

On Friday, Brees apologized for his comments, posting an Instagram post where he admitted that what he said was insensitive and missed the point of what he’s trying to convey.

After a few moments, Trump tweeted and said Brees’ apology was unnecessary, saying that while he thinks the NFL pro player was one of the greatest quarterbacks, he should have never retracted his first remarks about honoring the flag.


Trump added that many other things could be protested except for the great American flag, and kneeling is also not a proper way to do so.

As a response, Brees posted again on social media on Saturday, telling Trump that he had an exchange of messages with teammates, friends,  and black community leaders, realizing that the concern is not about the U.S flag.

The quarterback added that the real issue was always about racialism against black communities, including economic harassment, injustice, police violence, and jurisdictional & penal reforms, noting that Americans are now facing a dangerous stage in history.

The 41-year-lord professional football player also said that Americans should heed the call of black communities, learn from their agony and pain, and help them find solutions.

On Saturday, the Trump campaign group released a petition through email to its supporters, emphasizing the respect for the American flag.

The email campaign also said that thinking otherwise is just not American thinking, noting that President Trump intends to send a message to the left that protesting the American flag is improper, and the head of the state can’t do it alone.

Source: CBS News

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