Dummy naval mine found along Florida beach

Dummy naval mine found along Florida beach [Video]


  • A naval mine was discovered about a yard off a Florida beach on Sunday.
  • Officials suggested that the bomb was just a ‘dummy’ since it had an ‘inert’ label.
  • The large metal object was safely removed from the beach before the vicinity was reopened.

An unexploded naval mine surfaced along the shore on a Florida beach as authorities investigate where it came from.

Around 2:30 in the morning of Sunday, an official patrolling the area discovered the munition located beside Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The area was quickly isolated by the police.

The response team came from the Broward County bomb squad. The team will be handing the mine over to the US Air Force for further inquiry.

The munition had the word ‘inert’ on it, hinting it could be a ‘dummy’ bomb that is used during exercises.

Typically, a naval mine is being laid by a ship as it is attached to the sea bed.

Such type of explosive could burst when it hit something beneath the ship such as a submarine for instance. Only a specialist minesweeper could disable the device.

In a statement, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said: “BSO deputies secured the area around the item and closed off a small section of the beach.”

Authorities ruled out any threat from the ‘sea mine,’ which was carried out of the area before the reopening of the beach.

In a video coverage of Local10News, the naval mine was spotted about a yard from the beach waterline. Consequently, authorities were seen carrying the large munition into a trailer. Officials used a tractor to take the device out of the beach. 

Speaking with the news outlet, sources from the military claimed that the metal objects would sometimes be used as a tool that conceals drugs. In some practices, traffickers would leave the device in the sea prior to getting picked up by their accomplice.

The explosive’s origin was still not known as authorities continue to investigate the incident.


Source: Daily Mail

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