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Dwayne Johnson tops PEOPLE’s List of 100 Reasons to Love America

  • Dwayne Johnson, PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive of 2016, earned another crown — this time as No. 1 in PEOPLE’s list of 100 Reasons to Love America.
  • The actor said that it only humbled him even more and made him grateful for all the blessings he’s had.
  • He shared how he never imagined to have such a title, and added that he’s in “constant thank-you mode.”

Dwayne Johnson has bagged another top spot at PEOPLE’s list, this time in PEOPLE’s list of 100 Reasons to Love America.

Johnson, 49, is now one of the highest paid actors in the world with an ever-growing business empire.

PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive of 2016 says the new crown only humbled him even more: “It feels great. I’ve been a lucky guy over the years to have the career that I’ve been blessed enough to have. And things like this, I’m always appreciative.”

For this week’s magazine issue, Johnson was photographed and interviewed in Hawaii.

“We’re here in Hawaii, where I did a lot of my growing up… I was just Dwayne Johnson, the kid who’s having a hard time going to school making his classes,” he shared. “I never expected in my wildest of wild dreams that I would ever be in a position to be on the cover of PEOPLE — and certainly not with this kind of title.”

Johnson shared how, over the past year, his appreciation grew for his “blessed” life with wife Lauren Hashian, 36, their daughters Jasmine, 5, and Tia, 3, and his daughter Simone, 19, with ex-wife and production partner Dany Garcia, 52.

The actor acknowledged that the pandemic was “a shakeup” for their family. He recalled, “I still got up and got dressed like I was getting ready to go someplace. I mean, shoes and all. That helped me psychologically.”

He added how he learned “to have better patience” and pay closer attention, especially after observing his wife lead the schooling at home. “Within five minutes I was like, ‘God, I am so tired.’ And my wife was going and going and going,” he marveled.

Johnson and longtime love Hashian have been married since 2019. The actor shared his appreciation for “the ease” in their relationship, which has been “going on 13, 14 years — she’s going to kill me that I don’t know the exact number,” he said with a laugh. He added that they “may argue” sometimes, but they easily get out of it within minutes, finding humor in what they said. “Mainly the things that I just said,” he quipped.

Hi latest movie with costar Emily Blunt, Jungle Cruise, will premiere on July 30 in theaters and on Disney+ Premier. Johnson hopes that the film, which is inspired by the iconic Disney ride, will leave families feeling “one of life’s greatest anchors, which is gratitude itself.”

Johnson declared that he will never take his own blessings for granted: “The most important things are right in front of me. I am in constant thank-you mode.”


Source: People

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